Joy in PCC, a new look and new residents!


Joy and happiness in PCC!


Sometimes you are so used to your surroundings, that you are barely conscious of the fact that they are rather boring and might be (a little) upgraded.

The centre of PCC, where most activities in our Community take place and where all residents together enjoy their meals 3 times a day, has looked the same for years and years and nobody seemed to be missing out on anything.


Until….. we got an offer from Miriam Kerkhof we could not resist. About 12 years ago she came various times to Nkoranza and painted our central kitchen and Summer School with wonderful murals, and this year she offered to come to PCC for her next job: painting murals in the centre of PCC and repairing the somewhat damaged murals in our central kitchen.


The residents had no idea of what Miriam was planning to make, but many of them were watching her drawing hand expectantly.


What a gift it is when you can bring to life all kinds of images by just drawing a few simple lines.

And by adding colours to these images, making them even more wonderful. And Miriam is very gifted!!


We asked her to look for inspiration for the drawings by watching the cartoons which the children watch and admire in our TV room every evening before going to bed, like The Lion King, The Jungle Book and Kirikou (if you don’t know the figure of Kirikou: look him up on the internet! This African (!) cartoon figure is very popular amongst our children).


Soon some residents volunteered spontaneously to help her by colouring the figures. And look: their work, together with that of Miriam, has led to a genuinely fabulous result.


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Have a look at the pictures… or, even better, come to PCC and admire these splendid murals personally and experience the feeling of happiness it gives!

PCC has become even more wonderful again! A big thank you, Miriam!


Three new residents


We are not only very happy with the new and beautiful murals, but also with the arrival of 3 new residents in PCC!


Two new and permanent residents have come to PCC from Kumasi Children’s Home: Hannah who is deaf and about 14 years old and little Markus, who is about 9 months old.

Markus has a delayed development, besides spasms and epilepsy, probably caused by the brain damage he suffered at his birth.

They came to PCC in February, after Joe Emma, Baffo and I visited KCH in January, when we agreed upon their coming to us.


Fortunately, these new residents were enthusiastically welcomed by all residents and caregivers. They are slowly getting used to their new living surroundings and their new “family” and they are becoming more successful at it every day. Welcome to PCC, Hannah and Markus, welcome home!


In addition to Hannah and Markus, an about 15-year-old girl from Duayaw Nkwanta has come to our sheltered workshop. She is called Mabel, and she has a mild intellectual handicap. She got used to working together with all other workers in the workshop rather quickly and she now seems to be quite happy and satisfied in our Community!

We wish Mabel a good and instructive period in PCC!


So, more than enough reason for much joy and happiness in PCC-Hand in Hand. Long may this continue in 2024! That would be really wonderful.