Born: +- 2013
Sponsoring: Fam. van den Broek, Holland; Geke van der Ent, Holland; Irma Geerars, Holland. Jutta Weigel, Germany.


Jonathan was born around 2013 and came to PCC from  Kumasi Children’s Home in October 2018.  Jonathan has been abandoned not only once but twice in his life! After his first admittance to Kumasi Children’s Home a Ghanaian couple adopted him in 2015, but they brought him back after 3 years because of his autism and hyperactivity, which they found hard to cope with. Jonathan is indeed very lively and really enjoys rough and tumble play like a much younger child. He also needs this kind of play to help him grow and mature.

Like with many autistic children and young people there are certain things he loves and one of these is water…….Jonathan loves to play with water which is OK some of the time.  However he can be found at the taps around the compound and does not like to see them turned off which can be a challenge at times. Given the opportunity to play with water when he is in the room for other autistic children and young people is a good thing for him to do so he can learn when it is Ok and fun to play with water and when to leave the water alone.  A hard lesson for Jonathan.

On first arriving at PCC he was everywhere and especially where there was food. He even got into the shop and climbed up on the shelves where the biscuits are. This has settled down though there are certain meals he really loves…. so take good care of your plate or bowl!