John Ambrose

Born: 1986
John is soft spoken but persistent and insists on greeting you at the appropriate times in the traditional way. He has good manners and loves to be polite and be the favorite of the community. Often he succeeds. On top he speaks English well and does good at school. He has already mastered the basics of weaving and will no doubt be able to live and work (semi) independently. What John really likes most is to go to church. Sundays he is busy from early morning onwards to take a bath, powder himself with perfumes talcum powder form top to toe and dress up, sometimes traditional, sometimes with western shirt, jacket and trousers. He spends the whole day, two masses, at the Catholic Church and returns late afternoon happy and with the latest news from town. Like everyone however he has a shadow side; if nobody seems to watch he can deal out a mean little kick or couple of blows to one of the more vulnerable kids on the compound. If he is caught his popularity sinks considerably and for a considerable time.
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