Born: 2009
Financial adoption: fam. Kwast, Holland

Early 2014 Joël came to PCC after spending some years in Kumasi Children’s Home where he was brought after being abandoned.

In KCH he was especially loved by some European volunteers, who cared for him and liked the twinkle in his eyes and his energetic way of trying to make progress. In the years after 2014 some of these volunteers even came to PCC to visit Joël to see with their own eyes how much progress he had made after his coming to PCC.

On arrival in PCC Joël couldn’t walk yet and talking was difficult because of his spasticity, but he was very eager to learn walking with a walker and he did so from Day 1 on.


It din’t take long before he learned how to walk, first with a walker, later with only a walking stick and after that even without any aid.
His way of walking is very typical for Joël, not fast and not smoothly, he is even overstrectching his right knee, but he walks and that’s very important.
In PCC he gets physiotherapy every day and a brace to wear to prevent the overstretching, but he is not always interested…..

Joël is a lovely boy, in fact rather clever and he loves going to Summer school or, when available, having some Special Attention.
He has a lot of humor but can also be a bit naughty on and off, but what else can we expect from a boy of his age…..?

He is loved by all in PCC and feels very much at home in our Community!