Born: 1991
Died: november 2010
Innocencia lived for more than 13 years with us in Hand in Hand. She had come as far back as May 1997, when she was approximately 6 years old and with that she was one of the residents, who stayed longest in PCC. She came to us from the Mental Hospital in Accra and when you know that Hospital, then you know that by no means this is a pleasant place to be for small children. Inno, as she was often called caressing, had serious and multiple disabilities during her whole life and she also suffered from epilepsy. Her legs and one side of her body were paralysed. Therefore nearly always Inno was sitting in a wheelchair or was laying down on some soft plastic pillow, looking on to the activities of others. Innocencia was often showing different states of mood. Then you could feel her pain and rage and may be also her anger, because of her incapacity to communicate. When Inno was in a good mood, she could sing in a very affecting way, together with Joyce she would sing, in a touching way, the song Hallelujah – praise the Lord. Rather suddenly her condition worsened, she was not laughing any more and she died, after a short admission in the Hospital, in November 2010. We are glad and proud that we were able to give Innocencia lots of love and a good home for so many years. May she rest in peace, in the arms of the Lord, who she praised so often.
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