Born: 1997
Financial adoption: Anneke de Jong, Holland; Deb Cooper, UK.; Sponsor via Sronko Diaries
M’Afia ‘Harriet’ has a very prestigious name. We ask ourselves who gave her such a name and why but no-one can tell. When you ask her ‘what is your name’ she answers ‘M’Afia’, which means born on Tuesday. When you ask her ‘Is your name Harriet?” she also happily agrees. So that name Hariet remains a mystery for the time being. Harriet was found on the street, somewhere in Accra, and being a street-child, was brought to the orphanage in Accra, by a certain man who said not to be related to her. That person has later not been traced again. Harriet always smiles and often laughs out loud. She seems intelligent enough and speaks Twi, as well as a few words of English. Her intellectual handicap is only mild. She is social towards other children and calls readily for attention. A survivor, this Harriet! How she will further develop emotionally and psycho socially will still have to see. She may have been damaged substantially from her ‘street-episode’, whatever the cause was. Harriet is eager to learn and we are going to enable her to develop real fast, both with schooling and in her social development. Who knows the future, maybe Harriet will be the next matron of the Hand in Hand Community, she seems quite capable!
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