Born: 2011
Financial adoption: Fam. Segers, Holland; Annemarieke Zwaneveld, Holland.
Gabriel Since his arrival in PCC in March 2012 Gabriel is the sweetheart of the Community. By then he was about 10 months old. In June 2011 Gabriel was brought to Osu Children’s Home for custody, less than 1 month after his birth, because he was born to a schizophrenic mother, admitted in the psychiatric hospital in Accra. The Ghanaian authorities decided that he could not stay with his mother as she was not able to take good care of him and a psychiatric hospital is not a good place for a small baby. When walking through the wards of Osu Children’s Home in January 2012, a friend of us pointed out Gabriel to us, smiling silently while sitting in a small cot and showing the symptoms of Down’s syndrome. Considering his situation and his need for a safe and stimulating place to live, we decided to accept him for transfer to PCC. And PCC proves to be a real healing environment for him. Within a few months Gabriel was able to walk and his further development since then goes surprisingly well. He even joins a kind of Kindergarten in our Summer School. He is the friend of almost everyone in PCC, always smiling, always in for a joke and picking up gradually more and more of both Twi and English.