Born: +-2010

Sponsoring: Ank Broeders, Ria van de Lagemaat and Ineke Bosman, all from Holland


In October 2015 3 young girls from Kumasi Children’s Home (KCH) came to PCC.    Esther was one of them, the middle one, by then about 5-6 years old. About 1 year earlier she was found wandering the streets of Kumasi and therefore brought to KCH, where she was diagnosed with a mild intellectual disability as well with protein malnutrition. And that’s about all we know about her life before coming to PCC. After her arrival in PCC Esther proved to be a very active and happy girl, she even has a kind of naughty twinkling eyes. Her adapting to the new surroundings and dealing with the completely different life in our Community went smoothly. In PCC we detected that she was also suffering from Sickle Cell disease.

Esther has an open face and a striking set of teeth. Almost all the time she is enthusiastic, she loves eating, is very happy with all new clothes and enjoys Daycare or walking around on the compound and even more going into the pool. Esther listens very well to her caregiver. The 2 other girls, who came with her from KCH to PCC, are Deborah and Lizzy. Especially Deborah is precious to her, Esther and Deborah are behaving like twins.

When walking Esther can chat with you for minutes, e.g. about her new clothes, about today’s food and many other things. So when  you are new to PCC take care to walk for some time with Esther, she will inform you about all names of the children and caregivers.  Esther obviously feels at home in PCC and smiles more or less continuously which makes all of us very happy.