Eno Mary

Born: 2002 – 2003
Financial adoption: NN Anonymous


Eno Mary was born around 2003. When she was 8 or 9 years old she was admitted to Osu Children’s home after being abandoned in Secondi Metro. She has a moderate intellectual disability.  She was transferred to PCC in March 2012. At first Eno Mary did not talk and she seemed very scared. She found the structure of the day hard to accept. But gradually she adapted to her new family and her new home and her eyes now show many signs of happiness.

Eno Mary has a lot of energy and likes playing with the other children and …. she has even started to use some words. Eno tries to interact to people with direct eye contact and many hugs, it’s obvious that she wants to be loved and that is what she receives here!   She likes to wear nice clothes and take pride in her appearance. Eno Mary has a nice and expressive face and likes running around the PCC compound. She goes to the Shalom Special school and attends the PCC Summer School as well and likes learning more. She also loves the swimming pool, music and dancing, playing in the Art class, and of course she likes to eat a lot. In fact PCC is a great place for Eno Mary!