Born: 2003
Financial adoption: N.N.


In April 2011 two men came to our Community with the small boy Edmond. His mother died soon after his birth and the father also died after a car-accident. Only after some time the men admitted that Edmond actually was a family member. They told us that they believed the boy was a “witch” and that he had caused a serious car-accident through witchcraft. Nobody in the village was willing to have contact with this intellectually disabled child of (by then) about 8 years any more. In Ghana this means the life of this child will be bad, no place to go, nowhere is safe. We therefore decided that Edmond could stay at Hand in Hand and he has proved to be a very nice and sweet and very helpful young man, e.g. when caring for the donkeys and the goats.

Edmund helps in many ways around the compound and enjoys doing all kind of jobs to take care of the grounds and …… he always smiles!