Born: 2003
Financial adoption: N.N.
In April 2011 two men came to our Community with the small boy Edmond. His mother died soon after his birth and the father also died after a car-accident. It took some time before we knew the truth about Edmond. Only after a long talk the men admit that Edmond actually is a family member, one of them is the brother of the deceased father. However, recently they discovered that Eddy was a “witch” and they believe the boy has caused a serious car-accident through witchcraft. Nobody in the village is willing to have contact with this slightly disabled child of about 8 years any more. In Ghana this means the life of this child will be bad, no place to go, no safe. We therefore decide, after some thoughts, that Edmond can stay in Hand in Hand and he proves to be a very nice and sweet little boy. He has a roguish smile and a peculiar look in his eyes, this look might have raised the idea of him being a “witch”. He doesn’t talk, but is eating very well and doesn’t accept any help, even if half of his food drops from his mouth, over his bib back into his bowl. He shows to feel at home in our Community. He likes to beat others in a friendly way, just for fun and also to attract attention, but we are happy this is gradually diminishing. Other than that he like playing with others and is laughing a lot. We are happy with his coming to PCC and hope he can enjoy life in abundance for a long time.