Born: 1965
Financial adoption: Christine Schwegler, from Ananse Germany


‘Wash the Car’. When you hear these words the chance is great that Dela will be around. Dela is crazy about washing cars and not only washing them, he is in love with cars. That’s the reason that he likes stay near the gates and open them for cars to drive inside our compound. He likes papers and books and seems to study them for hours till cars or other events divert his attention. He also enjoys using a pen and producing his own kind of writing on paper if he gets the chance.

Dela is the oldest inhabitant of the Hand in Hand Community. His age is unknown, but most likely he has been born between 1960 and 1965. When he joined PCC in 2003, he did little more than walking circles around our territory and run away to town. Nowadays Dela can be found in the House of Silence where he joins in activities though at times is distracted, probably when thinking about cars.  He is very good at painting the party flags to sell in the shop. Most of the staff at Hand in Hand calls him: ‘Professor Dela’. He started that nickname himself.