Sponsor: Belgium; M. Klomp, Holland; for Deborah we are looking for €25 additional sponsoring per month

In October 2015 3 young girls from Kumasi Children’s Home (KCH) came to PCC.
Deborah was one of them, the youngest, by then about 4-5 years old.

In August 2015 she was found wandering the streets of Kumasi and therefore brought to KCH. According to KCH Deborah was having impaired hearing and because of that introverted and solitary-minded. That’s about all we know about her life before coming to PCC.

Deborah has a mild intellectual disability and after arrival in PCC it became clear that she had no limited hearing, she appears to be very quiet and evenly.
She listens well to her caregiver and is able to go on a potty. Her adapting to the new surroundings and dealing with the completely different life in our Community went smoothly. She obviously forgot KCH very quick.
She loves eating, is happy with all new clothes and enjoys Daycare or walking around on the compound and even more going into the pool.
Oddly enough she doesn’t like taking a bath at home and she makes that very clear to her caregiver.

The 2 other girls, who came with her from KCJ to PCC, are Esther and Lizzy. Especially Esther is precious to her, Deborah and Esther are behaving like twins.

Deborah is cherished by the caregivers and obviously feels at home in PCC, she opens herself up more and more which makes all of us very happy.