Born: around 1999
Died: 24 oktober 2013
In April 2006 Daniel was abandoned by his mother on a market and the next day the Police of Suhum brought him to Social Welfare and soon after he was transferred to the Osu Children’s Home in Accra. After staying there for more than 4 years, he came to Hand in Hand on 10th August 2010 at an age of about 10 – 11 years. He has a slight intellectual handicap and moreover he is suffering from epilepsy. Daniel can tell himself how his mother left him behind at a market “because I was always very troublesome”. He is also able to describe well how he sometimes looses control over his own behaviour and then becomes angry and unreasonable. The first weeks in Hand in Hand he had to get used to the structure and to the fact that here his behaviour is sometimes corrected. In general Daniel is a very friendly and social boy, who is still a bit too small to join the big boys, but who also feels far too big to accept when he is looked upon as a small boy. Sometimes he even teases some smaller children, to show how big he is! He likes to play with screws, threads and all kind of technical objects. He enjoys playing football and in the pool, he is happy with his new friend Bright and he also likes to assist in the restaurant once in a while, when Charity allows him to do so. He goes to the Shalom Special school and after school he likes to talk to everybody.
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