Cynthia Akoos

Sponsor: N.N.

Cynthia comes from Kandiga and later from Bolgatanga, both in the Upper East Region of Ghana. She is born around 1990 and is intellectually disabled.
Unfortunately her mother died in 2005 and then she moved with her brother to Bolga. Her brother is a nurse and therefore Cynthia was most of the time alone in the house or roaming in the streets. In a car accident she broke her right foot.
She could sit on the same place for a whole day without moving. Later her brother heard about PCC and brought her in 2012 to the Sheltered Workshop.

Later on we realized she had no family left anymore to return to and therefore we accepted her as a permanent resident of PCC.

Cynthia is mainly active in teh House of Silence and sleeps in the girls’ dormitory. She can work very accurate and fast but she has also episodes when she moves very slowly or just sits on her place without doing anything.

Cynthia is always looking forward to a visit from her brother Cletus or a talk in her mother tongue Frafra with some of our workers from the Bolga area.

She enjoys pool time as well as helping her caregiver and also dancing and singing, especially the traditional Frafra songs. When she is  happy she is laughing out loud.

She likes contacts with adults. Just give her a hug or ask her a simple question in English and she will respond nicely to you with her soft voice and smile.