Baffo on a visit to The Netherlands

Baffo on a visit to The Netherlands.


The Board of the Dutch Foundation Hand in Hand invites once every 3 years one of the Ghanaian managers of the PCC – Hand in Hand Community for a meeting in Holland to have extensive consultation on matters concerning the policy and good management for PCC for the short and long term, as well as for an open dialogue on the most desirable developments in the Community and the Outreach work.


Baffo visited Holland for such a meeting before, that was in 2015 and the idea was that he would come again in 2020, but at the end it was not before 2024 – first due to the corona pandemic, after that because of a big operation for Baffo and last year some visa troubles – before he was able to travel to Holland for a second time, in March / April of this year.


The consultation with the Board of the Dutch Foundation during an official meeting and also at home with various individual Board members was very good and informative.


Besides that Baffo of course also enjoyed to the fullest visiting various old friends and some groups in different cities and villages in Holland.

Wherever he went, he was warmly welcomed.


From north to south and from east to west, he was able to visit more places in The Netherlands, just look at the pictures.


A small quiz: who is able to recognize all places in Holland where Baffo has been? Check the pictures.

Send your reactions before 1st June 2024 by email to:

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We will reward the best answer with a delicious free meal (with a nice cool Ghanaian beer!) in the PCC – Hand in Hand restaurant in Nkoranza!


Also very nice ……. 2 daughters are living and working in Europe and for the first time in more than 2 years Baffo was able to meet both of them.

The result: a very glad father and two happy daughters!


Baffo continued to be surprised about all present-day developments, like contactless payment and minimal use of cash, the convenience of the chipcard for public transport, available internet everywhere and the great possibilities on primary schools with laptops for every child and wonderful digital bords … Ghanaian children can only dream of these things…..


Anyway, when noticing all this Baffo pointed out that our society has become very vulnerable any time there is a power – or internet failure……!


There was also an emotional side to the visit of Baffo to The Netherlands. You know he will retire later this year, so it was somehow also a farewell visit to many old friends and supporters of PCC – Hand in Hand.


Baffo returned very happy and satisfied after his visit to Mother Ghana, where he resumed his duties for just a few more months as Project Director of PCC.


He has worked for not less than 30 year for PCC – Hand in Hand and we are very grateful to him for his wonderful contribution to the immense development of our Community since the start in 1992.


Baffo, medaase pii!