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Akosua Baagyei was about 18 to 20 years, but looked not older than 14 when we saw her first by the end of 2014 in Nkoranza Hospital.
We saw a very small young woman who is barely able to communicate because of her intellectual disability, certainly not able to look after herself.
Her father is a heavy drinker, her mother and her grandmother had both died and her sister has a drinking problem too, so nobody really took care of her.
Baagyei was roaming the streets and the garbage dump, was sleeping around and not surprisingly became pregnant at some time. This ended up in a Caesarean in Nkoranza Hospital, where she gave birth to a son in December 2014.

Obviously Baagyei was not able to care for her baby, so a former PCC caregiver took up this care and Social Welfare urged PCC to take on Baagyei and so we did.

At the beginning caring for her was rather problematic. She had e.g. the unpleasant habit of smearing her faeces on the walls of the bedroom. Fortunately, she stopped this since she was allowed to sleep very close to her caregiver!

Baagyei is very modest and timid by nature and that is why she fits perfectly in the PCC House of Silence.
She has known very little warmth and happiness in her life up till coming to PCC. It is very fortunate that her yearlong nightmare is over, as she enjoys being here, smiles more often and gained a lot. A new life has started.