Amma Ghana

Born: 1994
Financial adoption:
Little Amma loves to stand very close to you and she is so silent that you will only notice her if you stumble over her …or if there is food around, for then she can change into a little cheerleader. Amma understands the art to sneak towards you and exactly stand there where you cannot see her. She will then just stand and look, with two or three of four fingers of her right hand like a comforter in her mouth. She also loves to cuddle up in your lap. Be careful for she is not yet able to control her urine! Amma is very small for her age. When she arrived she was four years old and weighed 7 kilos. She was not malnourished, just tiny! Still Amma is small for her age, but she is healthy. She is a lively happy kid that can easily burst out in laughter. She loves to run to new visitors to welcome them. Amma does not yet talk but she knows how to express her joy by way of enthusiastic shouts. More than anything else, Amma loves dancing. She swings her hips and jumps and dances in ecstasy. She especially likes dancing with other kids. In the evening, during the singing and dancing session for the evening blessings you always find her in the front rows. Amma seems to work on her weight by eating a lot. Not only does she finish her own plate in no time, she also knows where the slow eaters are and how to get hold of some of their food. Yet if we tell people now that Amma is more than 20 years old, they refuse to believe this! So do we, until we check dates and look pictures again. It is really true!
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