Born: 1992
Financial adoption: C.C.M. de Graaf, N.N. and Nieske van der Meer, all from Holland;
Alice is a scared and angry young adult who has the hand wringing movements and curved back of a worried old lady. Alice always sits bend forwards in her wheelchair and often seems to protect her face with her arms. When very frustrated she bites her own arm or throw things or tries to bite others. It takes time and effort to gain her confidence. But once you have succeeded, you will be rewarded with a completely different Alice, an Alice who sits up straight, quietly puts her arms besides her, shines her eyes into yours and shows her sweet smile. Alice loves floating in the swimming pool, especially when there are no other children and it is nice and quiet. She loves playing and being entertained, especially with music. She prefers the one to one encounter from the group. With al lot of help, Alice can walk a little bit. When Alice was transferred to our community in 1998 she was severely malnourished and was self-destructively biting her arm and having heavy tantrums. All these elements are still there but she only shows them in times of frustration, such as when in pain, when she is hungry or when she needs other people.
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