Born: 1997
Financial adoption: Lucia Dalenberg – van der Tol, Holland; Annike Torenvliet – Bekius, Holland.
When the spastic Ahmed arrived in February 2004 from the orphanage in Tamale, he could not walk. That was the reason why a lot of effort was made to fly in a special walking rack from Holland for him to use. However, when this rack came after months of waiting, Ahmed soon lost the fun of it. After two weeks, he independently started walking around the premises. Nowadays, walking has even become his biggest hobby. Notwithstanding, he sometimes falls backwards, but then he bursts into laughter and gets up again. His unstable walk does not seem an obstacle to him. Ahmed wants to join everything: swimming, dancing, and even playing football. Although it takes at least five times or more before he can even hit the ball right in front of him. In short, Ahmed is super motivated! Not only during walking, but he also really would love to learn how to talk. Meanwhile, he knows the names of almost all the children by heart. Moreover, he can identify which plate with food belongs to which child. Ahmed enjoys everything. He loves music, parties, the swimming pool and especially attention. He doesn’t mind biting on your buttocks if he wants your attention. Ahmed is a clever boy who can express what he wants with the help of gestures and facial expressions. Or what he does not want, for example at dinner. Ahmed personally identifies every green foreign particle in his food and urges the one who feeds him to remove the particle from his food.