Afia Nyarko

Born: 24 May 1986
Financial adoption: 


Afia is a girl who likes to be helpful to others. She performs a lot of household activities at the sheltered workshop and during vacation she sweeps and cleans her grandmother’s house. Afia is a very good cook and her preferred meal is fufu. Afia loves to participate in the morning exercises and helping to clean the compound. She has an infectious character and laughs a lot and very loud! She likes singing and whenever there is a possibility to dance, you will see her shaking her body. Although her eyesight is not very good, she is an excellent worker in the workshop and works with speed, concentration, and a lot of laughter. Without much help she can produce beautiful necklaces, bracelets and earrings. From her place at the bead table she is the queen observer of everything and everyone. It is a joy having her with us!