Born: 2004
Abass Abass came to PCC in May 2013, after being transferred from Osu Children’s Home in Accra, where he was admitted 4 years earlier, in 2009. In that year he was found loitering about in Odorkor by the police. Abass is probably born in 2004, so about 9 years of age in 2013. He is intellectually and slightly physically disabled and is suffering from epilepsy as well. His muscle coordination is only moderate, through this he shows a bit rigid way of walking. Most striking is the fact that he is confabulating all the time, speaking continuously and mainly in his own language, though he can communicate a bit and seems to understand others up to a certain level. It seems he even keeps talking whilst asleep! He gradually adjusts to his new and more structured life here in PCC and enjoys having Special Attention. He is well aware of his shoes and clothes and points out what he wants to wear on a particular day.
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