Born: 1984
Financial adoption: Stephan and Marjan Emons-Bonink; Fam. Hoekstra; S. Hoogstra, Fam. Lamberts all from Holland.


Zachariah was born in 1984. He has a intellectual disability and he used to live with his Grandmother as his Mother died and his Father disappeared.  He started in the workshop at Hand in Hand on a day basis but when his Grandmother also died he came to live in our community. This was in 2002.

Zachariah doesn’t speak, but seems to understand what is said to him. He is with Edmond responsible for the donkeys of PCC and was also a very strong and hard worker in the kitchen.  He is very quiet and lives semi-independently in one of the houses of the Community.  Zachariah has a very soft and heart melting smile and sometimes enjoys to shake or to hold hands. His dancing during parties shows how much he enjoys being part of the community.

He is so quiet, that one might easily overlook him, so he needs some extra attention.