Yaw Balloon

Born: 1994
Financial adoption: Sabine Holm, Germany; Fam. Herzig, Germany; Goos en Anne-Marie Visser, Holland.
Yaw Balloon. When Yaw arrived he was so anemic that he needed immediate hospitalization and blood transfusions. Yaw suffers sickle cell anemia and was malnourished at arrival. Now you wouldn’t believe that we were ever afraid to loose him. He is strong, round and well fed. This friendly boy often comes to greet you and shake your hand vehemently. If you smile at him and show that you like the hand-shaking, then this ritual may go on for hours. Sometimes he wants you to caress his head, sometimes to gently pinch his belly, sometimes he wants to rub his cheek against yours for hours. Whatever Yaw wants, he will be able to communicate it to you. If he is satisfied, you will be rewarded with a somewhat strange but infectious laughter. Yaw Balloon does not visit you for nothing. He often combines his social abilities with begging. He likes to receive candy, a piece of your bread or a sip of your coke. Yaw Balloon also sometimes likes to steal your food just as he likes taking all kinds of your other belongings. So keep your eye on your food and your things when Yaw Balloon is around! However he usually only goes through your drawers and suitcases when he is frustrated or just punished. He hates to be punished! Yaw Balloon likes to hang out with adults. He has little contact with the other children. He wanders by himself over the compound if he can escape school or other routines that are boring to him. Yaw Balloon likes to be helpful, neat and clean. He understands a lot and in general listens very well, except when he has to give back ‘stolen goods’. He owes his remarkable name ‘balloon’ to the fact that he always has a cute round belly and because of his love for balloons.