Yaw Balloon

Born: 1994
Financial adoption: Sabine Holm, Germany; Fam. Herzig, Germany; Goos en Anne-Marie Visser, Holland.

Yaw Balloon was born around 1994 and arrived at Hand in Hand in 1998. By then he was so anaemic that he needed to go into hospital for blood transfusions. Yaw Balloon suffers from Sickle Cell Anaemia and Epilepsy and has also an intellectual disability.  He was also very malnourished. Thankfully, since settling in to Hand in Hand Yaw Balloon became strong and developed quite a round tummy..

Yaw likes to collect things and play with them very much in his own way. He also likes to greet people and can be seen going around the compound shaking hands with the caregivers and also any visitors if they are willing to join in his greeting routine. He does seem to want to communicate or at least gets enjoyment out of these hand shaking rituals. Sometimes when he is shaking your hand he will also really laugh out loud. He has been operated on very big keloid tumours.

Yaw Balloon may well be autistic and he spends his activity sessions with others at the room for those with autism where he joins in all the activities and is particularly good at the exercise routine.