Yaa Yaa Evelyn

Born: 1990

Financial adoption: G.Boer, from Holland; Jennie and Read Jones from Bristol, UK


YaaYaa Evelyn is a young girl of approximately 24 years old. She is deaf and dumb and suffers from epileptic fits. Yaa Yaa is somewhat of a loner. She may pay attention to everything she sees, but will only act according to her own plans and whatever attracts her. She hates pressure. If YaaYaa put under pressure she will leave and go to sleep. Or she may become cross and tease other children. In fact, she often enjoys making them cry. During dinner, she loves stealing food from other children’s plates.


Yaa Yaa has a need for physical attention. She loves being near someone and holding hands and being gently massaged. She enjoys flirting but can also at times give genuine affection. In the sheltered workshop, which she attends when she feels like it, Yaa Yaa can be very active stringing beads but really she would rather destroy old necklaces and take things apart. Fortunately for her, this is part of the workshops regular activities which means that Yaa Yaa’s destructive tendencies are getting a ‘positive bend’ at the sheltered workshop. There are days that she sleeps on a stretch.