Born: app. 2010

Financial adoption: fam. Klein, The Netherlands




Tobias is born around 2010. In 2018 he was found unconscious in Kumasi and in October 2018 he came to PCC via Kumasi Children’s Home.  On arrival we saw a small boy with a lot of fear in his eyes and it would seem his early life had not been very good.  Tobias is epileptic and has an intellectual disability. He can’t really talk but does make some sounds and tries to communicate that way.  The simple but constructive routine of life at PCC seems to suit this young man and he has settled into the structure of daily life here.

Tobias does not really know how to interact with the other children and does spend more time alone but is happy interacting with his caregivers.

We feel sure he will continue to make good progress as he matures with us at PCC.