Born: 2002
Financial adoption: Fam. Van der Meer-Walstra, Holland
Shalomina was found at the gate of Shalom Special School. That is where her name ‘shalom’-ina stems from. She was found sitting in front of the gate when the other children left the school. Police and Dept. of Social Welfare are still investigating the case. In the meantime Shalomina has joined or residential community and Joyce is her caregiver. Shalomina hardly talks but she quietly and contentedly seems to observe other children at play. She knows who is who in the adult world around her and charmingly calls you’re your attention in case you have something to offer her, be it a piece of bread, a smile or the sound of her name. She was underweight but started eating well since here arrival here. So, although the trauma of desertion is still fresh, she seems emotionally not too distraught. Every caregiver hovers over her to admire her, play with her and give her bread and food and toffees and chocolate-milk and whatever seems to please her. Not a bad new start in life, though what happened to her is unspeakably sad. This is the first time that we picked up a foundling right from in front of our own gate