Born: 2002
Financial adoption: Fam. Van der Meer-Walstra, Holland

Shalomina was born in about 2002.  She was  found at the gate of the next-door Shalom Special School. That is where her name ‘Shalom’-ina stems from. She was found sitting in front of that gate when other children left the school. Police and Dept. of Social Welfare investigated but no one could be found to explain what had happened. So Shalomina came to stay at Hand in Hand.  She was rather underweight to begin with but that soon changed on the three healthy meals a day that she receives at PCC.

Since that very difficult start Shalomina has become generally a happy and enthusiastic member of the PCC community. She loves to have attention and responds when you call her name.  She is unable to speak herself but can make sounds and communicates in her own way if you are prepared to spend time with her. On arrival she could not walk but this has greatly improved due to the love, care and special attention she has been given over the years with us. She often smiles and likes to make fun in her own way!