Sponsoring:     3  Dutch friends of PCC!
Sara was found wandering the streets in 2014 when she was near the huge Kejetia market in Kumasi. Her parents or other relatives were never found and that is why she was brought to Kumasi Children’s Home.
Sara is autistic and suffers from epilepsy. She likes keeping herself to herself, which was not appreciated in KCH. Therefore she had a hard time in this particular home, we have noticed this with our very own eyes. She was aimlessly wandering the premises, even her food was put outside the building for her and she had a lonely and sad life there.
Because various European volunteers approached her carefully and friendly and tried to give her a happy time she has developed a preference for Europeans. A number of those volunteers have also pleaded for her admittance to PCC. And now she is in PCC since January 2017 and it feels good when she is immediately taking our hand and walking around with us like we have known each other for ages.
Sara, we sincerely hope that you will have a life here full of love and warmth and that you will become very old just like the Biblical Sara.