Born around 2000

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In August 2015 Sadat came to PCC from Tamale, because both his parents had died and nobody was able or willing to take over caring for Sadat. We think he was born around 2000, so he was about 15 years old on arrival in PCC.

He has spastic restrictions and a luxation of his right hip, can’t talk, just able to vocalize simple sounds, but it’s obvious he understands a lot.

He is very enthusiastic and soon became happy with his new environment and with all possibilities and attention he receives in PCC.   The physio support we have been able to give him thanks for our Physio expert Inge means that Sadat can now propel himself in his wheel chair and feed himself. He joins in the exercise sessions each day which means his progress continues.   Sadat also attends the House of Silence and engages with the activities alongside other members of our community. He has many friends in the House of Silence.

Sadat is a nice and happy young man who it is a pleasure to be with and he always appreciates people spending time with him.