Born: 1998
Financial adoption: Willeke Radema, P.F. Jansen and Jacob Muller, all from Holland

Philomena was born around 1998 and in the year 2000 she was found on the beach by the fishing town of Ekon. The police brought her to the State Hospital of Cape Coast where the nurses looked after her. After 2 months she was brought to Hand in Hand by a social worker. At that time she was about 2 years old and as light as a feather. The nurses at Cape Coast had called her Philo after a song that was popular at the time. Philomena still likes to hear this song sung to her.

Philomena has a beautiful smile and she likes to be helpful, taking care of the smaller children and supporting the caregivers in their tasks of feeding and dressing the younger ones. Keeping herself busy with these tasks also helps to keep her happy. There are times when she can be sad or jealous of the other children. Philomena loves to dance and join in the music sessions. Dressing up like a lady is an additional favourite activity and will bring that big smile to her face.