Born: 1998
Financial adoption: Willeke Radema, P.F. Jansen and Jacob Muller, all from Holland
Philomena was found on the beach of the fishing town of Ekon. The police brought her to the State Hospital of Cape Coast where the nurses looked after her for two months before she arrived at the Hand in Hand Community. She was brought personally and without notice by the social worker of Cape Coast hospital. Then she was approximately two years old and light like a feather. The nurses at Cape Coast had called her ‘Philo’ after a then popular song about the much desired girl Philomena Potenga. Till now she likes it when the caregivers sing this song to her. Philomena is a cheerful and smart girl who charms everybody with her expressive face. She talks only if she wants to, but her face and gestures express all she needs. Philo has an awesome smile, seen only when she herself feels like smiling. She loves music, dancing and playing, either alone or with other children. She loves dressing up like a lady too, ‘Lady Philomena”. She is however most happy when she can play ‘mother’ and look after one of our small children. This is the reason she herself moved close to caregiver Joyce who looks after little Emanuella. She loves to bath Emanuella and dry her with a towel. If she can powder her as well and make her smell sweetly, so much the better. This is the reason Joyce eventually took her into her little house with already too many children, out of kindness for Philo! Philo does not need expensive toys; a bottle cap or an empty box can do it for her. Philomena has a good but fiercely independent character. She is not always “Miss Congeniality”. Some days she would rather be left alone and everybody should note that. If she has no little child to look after she gets frustrated and may start eating dirt. If Philomena becomes upset, she may at times slap people, including children who are much taller than she.