Born: 1995
Financial adoption: J.C. Bootsma, Holland; M. Klomp, Holland; Innes, UK
Pakor If you are not very careful you may overlook our friend Pakor! He is a silent boy, extremely shy and he often remains unnoticed. Pakor prefers being alone. For long hours he can stand somewhere in a somewhat hidden place or almost invisibly lean against the little wall of the swimming-pool. If he happens to desire attention then Pakor lets you know himself. Otherwise he considers attention to be an intrusion. Those moments when he ‘breaks through’, when he runs to sit on your lap or even buries his head in your arms everybody becomes happy. Oh does he love to be gently massaged if he can tolerate the nearness! If one happens to notice all his many scars one cannot escape the impression that he has been repeatedly and harshly abused. Pakor shows anxious and compulsive behavior: he keeps protecting his head with his arms and often self-destructively bites his own arms. Pakor’s greatest hobby is eating. Or rather overeating! In the evening he is the first to empty his plate after which follows phase two: scavenging around for more food. Despite efforts to restrain him Pakor flashes from table to table to eats all that is left on and beside the plates of others. He is so swift that it is difficult to prevent his sweeping actions.