Paa Yaw Samuel

Born: 9-11- 1995
Financial adoption: Janneke Waelen; W.A. Boel; M. Klomp, all from Holland.
TekstPaa Yaw Samuel is an exception at the Hand in Hand community. Unlike the other children, Paa Yaw actually has parents who come to visit him occasionally. Due to severe problems, they were unable to continue caring for him so Paa Yaw moved to the Hand in Hand community in 2002. Paa Yaw has a multiple handicap. He is spastic and unable to talk, walk or eat unassisted. He sits in a wheelchair and has learned to drive it somewhat independently. Sometimes Piedu, who pushes Paa Yaw to school, the dining hut or the television room, also helps him to navigate. Paa Yaw is cheerful, sociable and has an infectious laugh. He craves attention and always follows you around with his eyes and tries to make eye contact. During parties and the daily evening drum sessions he dances like a little prince. Paa Yaw loves the swimming pool when the water is at a low level so that he can crawl in the pool. One of his highlights is helping to drive Ineke to town. Paa Yaw is a smart boy. He loves to learn new things. Daily he practices on a special computer by typing all the names of the children, caregivers and teachers of the Special School. He gets intensive physiotherapy and classes in communication skills. Because of his poor articulation he has near to given up trying to talk and make himself understood. He now has a speech-computer attached to his wheelchair where he can speak preprogrammed sentences that are helpful to him. This way he has gained a lot of communication skills but also status!