Nana Agyei

Born: 2005
Financial adoption: fam. Adarkwa-De Simas, Canada; M. Dudko, Holland; fam. Groenveld, Holland.
Nana Agyei Ebenezer In July 2013 Joe Emma, the care director in PCC, told us about the poor fate of a small boy called Nana Agyei, born in 2005 and living in a small village close to Berekum. Nana Agyei is not disabled, but has been rejected by his family and village because one has the belief that he is a witch. It seems he was once found sucking his mother’s breast after his mother had died in her house about 2 days before people became aware of it Nana Agyei was desperately seeking for some food. When some time later also his father died, the people concluded that probably Nana Agyei was the cause of all trouble and so he was more or less abandoned in his own village. His grandmother could not accept this and decided on her own to take care of him. Joe Emma met Nana when he stayed in Berekum for some time and the grandmother took care of Nana. Unfortunately also the grandmother died, in 2012. After this some people were giving him some food, he was sleeping near the car park and other children were beating him all the time. Unfortunately no good solution was found, so Nana Agyei was finally brought to PCC through Joe Emma and a relative in July 2013. Now Nana is very, very happy and obviously he feels safe here. He will be in PCC until we have decided about his future. Since his arrival, we were able to send him to the Nation Builders International school, together with Stephen and Emmanuella and he loves his new and pleasant life in PCC, including attending the school. Apart from the food, the house, his caregiver and the love shown here he enjoys all kind of new activities, like playing, swimming in the pool and riding on a small bicycle.