Born: 2003
Financial adoption: fam. Ynske Wieberdink , the Netherlands
Moses Moses arrived in November 2005. He was probably born in 2003. After he was found as a premature baby in Bawku and looked after by the nurses at the local hospital, Moses was brought in 2004 to the orphanage in Tamale where he lived his second year until he was transferred into our community. With his cerebral palsy Moses has to cope with a physical handicap that more or less locks him up in a body which cannot move the way he wants it to move. (Kojo Evans, Ahmed, Aron and Paa Yaw, by the way, suffer the same frustrations. Araba too had this problem but gratefully was able to accept her handicap fully before she gently died at age fourteen.) Moses is too young to feel the pains of wanting to speak and not being able to as yet. He has difficulty in walking and screams angrily when he is not able to move fast enough. He learned walking on two legs within three months of arrival. Earlier he discovered that he could move on his hands while shuffling his folded legs like a little Buddha. When he cries there is a big chance that he is immediately lifted up for already all eyes dote on him. Being lifted up and being in the arms of a warm person is what he wants most as he is busy catching up his emotional neglect, plastic bag episode and all, and being a survivor and a fighter we trust that he will succeed. He is full of fun and energy and already has secured himself a social place right at the center of our community.