Born: 2003
Financial adoption: fam. Ynske Wieberdink , the Netherlands


Moses was  probably born in in 2003 and was found by a police officer as a premature baby. He was wrapped in a plastic bag in the northern town of Bawku. He was nursed for one year at Bawku hospital and then transferred to the children’s home in Tamale. Moses has cerebral palsy and came to live at Hand in Hand in 2005.

On arrival he had trouble learning to walk due to his disability of Cerebral Palsy but under the support and guidance of the physiotherapy group and the hard work of our caregivers, Moses moves around good and fast now and walks very well, especially after an operation on his foot.

Moses can also be very helpful as he is maturing into a young man and works hard around the compound helping some of the caregivers, the lawn keeper and the gatemen in tasks that need doing.

Moses does like to engage with visitors so do say hello to him if you see him around our compound.