Born: 2000
Financial adoption: Karin Bokhove; A.C. van Duijvenbode; Renske Stans, all from Holland; Tineke de Muynck and Maarten Verpeut, Belgium.
Michael Michael is one of the five new kids who joined us in November of 2005, then a boy of five to six years old. Michael is as boy as boy can be! He showed little problem in adjusting to his new environment but his environment had some problems adjusting to him! During his first morning at Nkoranza he managed with the cutest smile to dismantle a calculator, a remote control, some books and a mobile phone… examining them thoroughly like little boys do! A few shouts could be heard. Michael, no! Michael, no, no! In fact he shows traits of hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder. There is no medication for this disorder in Ghana however we give him black Nescafe (a replacement therapy of sorts) and it helps calm him down. Michael happens to carry the name of a fiery angel! The name of his caregiver, Angela, means ‘angel’. Obviously we had made the right choice in asking Angela to care for him as he needed someone of his own angelic tribe to parent him! She has calmed him down and settled him considerably.