Born: app. 2018

Sponsor: The Van Urk family from the Netherlands


Matthew came to PCC in October 2021 when he was about 3 years old. He first lived in Kumasi Children’s Home where he spent most of his early life as he was abandoned by his (very young) mother just a few days after the delivery in Kumasi KATH Hospital in 2018.
According to the Hospital report he had asphyxia (= lack of oxygen) during the delivery and this can lead to brain damage.

When we saw him first in KCH he was immediately reaching out to us as if he wanted to say: “please, take me with you to PCC…..”! And so we did!

Matthew has an intellectual disability and doesn’t speak (yet), but he vocalizes enthusiastic sounds. He quickly learnt how to walk and we hope he will develop more.

From day one on all PCC caregivers like to be with him and carry him around, as he is definitely a loveable boy!