Born: 1992
Financial adoption: Hester van Wieringen, Holland; Sofanne Ravensbergen, Holland
Holland Mabel came to live at our community in July 2006. Mabel was then fourteen years old. She has Down’s syndrome. Mabel is not a deserted child, contrarily, she has been ‘properly spoiled’ by her mother. The mother was one of the cooks and housemothers at our neighboring Shalom School for mentally handicapped children. Recently her mother died and as she has no other family we decided to take her in the large family of our community. She is vibrant, stubborn, a perfect dancer and loves to pull jokes on people. Mabel still attends our Shalom Special school. After some few weeks we already noticed how socially gifted Mabel is, she always helps other children in the pool, with eating, bathing and pampering, so nice to watch her. Be careful little aspirant mothers Philo and Joyce: Mabel has joined the competition!