Kwame Ayim

Born: 2006 or 2007
Financial adoption: Anne Ruth Bouta; B.J. van Dijk; Gerda van der Wal, all from Holland.
Kwame Ayim did come to our Community in August 2010 from Osu Children’s Home in Accra. A month earlier he was left behind there as a foundling. Ayim is a quiet and very friendly child, beloved from his first day in Hand in Hand. He has a mild mental disability with unknown cause, we don’t know anything from his history. Physically he is quite OK, though when walking his ankles are weak. So he tries to avoid walking too much, but fortunately we are able to keep him going by taking his hand and making him exercising his muscles in that way. When he is eating, he is sitting on the table, next to Kwaku Jacob, who came with him from Accra. Ayim doesn’t talk, but he smiles a lot, a sign that he feels himself at home over here. He reacts when people talk to him. He enjoys daycare a lot as well as the playground and the swimming pool. Of course he is also very happy with all the new family members he has got now.