Kwame Addai

Born: 2006

Financial adoption: Fam. Smeenk, Holland;  Joep Everts, Holland. Sronko Diaries, Ghana.


Kwame was abandoned at the age of 2 years. He has a learning disability and can’t talk, but is rather clever and he also has a very beautiful smile.

Kwame entered the Children’s Home at Osu to begin with and was transferred to Hand in Hand in 2008. He has cerebral palsy and a mild intellectual disability.

The beautiful and very angelic smile of this boy makes everyone smile and want to interact with him.  He is an active and enthusiastic member of the early morning exercise group on the field and is often the star and the winner of all the games.  Kwame is also an enthusiastic dancer and can be seen practicing his dance moves whenever there is music and drumming to dance to. At PCC parties he is an expert on the dance floor and fully participates and enjoys all the attention he will get through his wonderful and enthusiastic dancing. And he loves to see or to play with planes and helicopters!