Kwaku Chairman Boye

Born: 2003
Financial adoption: G8 group, Aduard in Holland


Like so many of our children Kwaku was transferred from Osu Children’s home.  Born probably in 2003, he had been found in 2006 wondering around in the harbour city of Tema. He was crying and hungry and showed an infected circumcision wound. The parents or any other family members could not be found. Kwaku has an intellectual disability and is autistic.

Kwaku does not like to be idle and initially he loved to stack our blue plastic chairs and gain some applause for doing so.  However as he also started to climb on top of the stack of chairs and fall off this activity was eventually discouraged. He is a very self-contained boy who likes to explore life on his own and in his own way. He can be very helpful when he knows what the routine is and get things that are needed.   He will talk away to you at times or even seemingly to no one. The things he speaks of do make some kind of sense but you need to know up well to understand and thankfully many of our caregivers do know him well.

Kwaku Chairman has become famous for his drumming skills at PCC and he now takes centre stage next to Kofi Asare when it is time for drumming and he is a very skilled drummer. Chairman loves to drum!