Kwaku Chairman Boye

Born: 2003
Financial adoption: G8 group, Aduard in Holland
Kwaku is a boy who does not like idleness, he likes to perform! Right after his arrival at the community in Nkoranza he run towards plastic chairs and neatly one by one started to pile them up. Applause was guaranteed. You had to hold on to his chair in order for him not to take it away from under you. Hence his nickname: Kwaku Chairman. His once much applauded act of building skyscrapers out of plastic chairs is over. Kwaku would climb on a chair himself in order to pile the tower higher and sometimes would want to lift the chair he was standing on. Since several times he fell down and got the pile of chairs on top of him he has been discouraged to perform this grandiose act. Kwaku is a healthy boy with a wonderful naughty facial expression. Apparently he suffers no other defect than a somewhat slow mental development. But if you plan to come closer to Kwaku you find yourself ignored most of the time. Kwaku is self contained and likes to explore life on his own. If and when he relates to people is his choice, not yours or mine. Only his caregiver Ema knows how to easily get Kwaku’s attention. We hope he is not going to develop more autistic characteristics.