Kwabena Tawiah

Born: 2003
Financial adoption: Mrs. Jet Douwes and Mrs van der Weide-Douwes, both the Netherlands. For Kwabena Tawiah we are looking for €25 additional sponsoring
Kwabena Tawiah Kwabena is a three year old boy with Down Syndrome. He arrived in November 2005, together with Francis, M’Adyoa and Michael, on transfer from Osu Children Home. Angela, who works at the sheltered workshop, looks after Kwabena. Michael and kwame, who also live with Angela, are his big brothers. Kwabena has a charming wise smile and he laughs easily and frequently, mostly when he spots food! It seems he is happiest when he can see things upside down! From the day of arrival he preferably walked on his hand and feet, but because his arms are relatively short he points his bottom high up in the air and looks around at the world from between his two legs while walking on all fours. During walking exercises he lays his head to rest on the handle bar and so changes his point of view a little, from 180 to 90 degrees. Kwabena has his own vision in life. I say ‘had’ because just as we were going to say that it would take long before he could walk , he started walking. And fast! It had to do with food, reaching the table, having to see what is cooking in the kitchen and most of all: being able to go and eat fufu with Ellen and Morocco on the other side of the hill! His taste for fufu was one thousand times stronger than his reluctance for exercise! He has quite a character and you have to love him.