Kofi Asare

Born: 1978
Financial adoption: Anette Runge (Ananse) Germany; Thomashuis Posterholt, Holland; for Kofi Asare we are looking for a sponsor for €25 per month

Kofi Asare is a very social and cheerful character. He is called the ‘Music Master’ and plays organ and drums very professionally, without having had any lessons. He lives independently, together with Charles, a young man attending the sheltered workshop, and takes pride in cleaning his own house and doing his own laundry. Kofi Asare is the only inhabitant of the Community who has himself been a caregiver. He used to look after small Boadu. Now that Boadu is growing and has other needs he has moved elsewhere. Furthermore Kofi used to be in charge of the phone, but since everybody is using a mobile phone he has joined the students at the sheltered workshop. Kofi limps severely and is near to blind but he usually does not complain at all. Every evening after dinner, Kofi Asare plays a grace song on his drums. He sings and plays majestically, supported by the other children and the caregivers. During parties, Kofi Asare is the centre of attention. He then has a completely different act. He is seen wearing a colored wig, white chalk on his face, pillow on his buttocks and oversized shoes. He is not just Kofi Asare, but a star; “Koko the Clown”, who can entertain our large family for hours on end.