Born: 1999
Financial adoption: Carmel and Joe Hand from England; Fam. Holm, Germany; For Joshua we are still looking for sponsoring for € 25 per month.
After living at our community for a while he started relaxing and enjoying the company of the other children. His big thing is playing football and he is quite good at it! Moses Joshua is affectionate and somewhat macho. He loves ‘boy-behavior’ and can be quite rough at that. Be careful to be out of his way when he kicks the ball for he aims recklessly on the glasses on your nose or the glass in your hand! And laughs! Joshua is very sociable and affectionate. There is nothing wrong with his health apart from the lack of hearing. He seems to discern only high tones. We have sent him to Jamasi School of the Deaf for assessment. They agreed that he is fully deaf but initially their headmaster hesitated taking him to his school for his IQ (which they measured at Jamasi), was way too low. We begged him to take Joshua on probation as his social surroundings have been so little stimulating that he has never even learned to hold a pencil. That would definitely influence the IQ test! He has been at Jamasi school for one term (Christmas term 2007) and gets very stimulated by the playful learning situation. He will continue to go to this school and one of their teachers will come to our community to teach all of us how to sign. So a great future awaits Joshua!
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