Born: 1999
Financial adoption: Carmel and Joe Hand from England; Fam. Holm, Germany; T. de Graaf, Netherlands


We think Joshua was born around 1999. His family is unknown and he was found loitering at the casino area in Tema Community One Market.  Social Welfare took him to Osu Children’s Home and from there he came to PCC in March 2007. Joshua does not speak and is profoundly deaf. Between 2007 and 2010 we arranged for him to attend the School for the Deaf in Jamasi, but unfortunately he was not able to make any progress  there nor learn any sign language because of his intellectual disability. After consultation with the Headmaster we decided to keep him home and educate him here as much as we can.

Joshua enjoys speed……on a tricycle or a scooter around the compound.   He also does enjoy saying hello to people – well at least acknowledging them in his own way with his special gesticulations.  Joshua also loves to be in the pool.

On daytime Joshua is now working in the sheltered workshop or even more often at the gate, he often gets Special Attention and apart from that he is always willing to help with carrying things, cleaning the cars etc.

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