John Papa

Born: 2006
Financial adoption:  S. & J. Koedijk – v.d. Leij, Holland; Frank & Annelies van den Heuvel, Holland; Benjamin Auge, Germany
Papa John is a small boy who is only a few days with us, (written on 27-3-09) so a bit too early to describe him well in detail! We see a little boy who is obviously afraid and cries easily. We also see a boy who showed his first hesitating smile a few hours ago to the volunteer who made the above picture (Sanne). Isn’t this all very normal and to be expected, the fear! Just a few days ago you were taken by strangers into a big strange car to end up in a strange new home. Yet not so long before that, your family had deserted you, as a 2 year old, somewhere at a busy marketplace in the middle of nowhere, where nobody recognized you and you recognized nobody as you were looking for your mother or father. The police found you, and kept you, and eventually transferred you to this giant orphanage in Accra. To be then driven to this strange open air community with donkeys and dogs and lots of noisy boys and all that at Nkoranza! Welcome home! John likes to be liked and holds on to your hand easily…till the next hand reaches out to him and he grabs that one instead. He likes to eat and eat much! He does not sleep well yet but we have good hopes that he will in the near future. All the people, all the toys and all the playground tools and that big swimming-pool, everything is strange but attractive to him. He has started at the daycare program for toilet training.