John Papa

Born: 2006
Financial adoption:  Frank & Annelies van den Heuvel, Holland; Benjamin Auge, Germany; T. Early, UK


John Papa was found in the market place at Koforidua where no one knew who he was and at the end of the market he was taken to the police who took him to Osu Children’s Home.

From here he was transferred to Hand in Hand in March 2009. John Papa has an intellectual disability and can’t speak.  We think he was born around 2006.

John Papa settled well at PCC and likes to be around people, though the other children are not always pleased by his way of approaching and touching others.  However, he listens very well to his big PCC-brother Jerry Ema, who lives in the same house.

John Papa will approach you and point to things, make all kind of sounds and gesticulations, but you are never quite sure what he is trying to communicate. However if you respond he does appreciate it.