John Adzo

Born: 1976
Financial adoption: P. van Tits; Lamberts family; fam. Wiggers; all from Holland.
John Adzo is a harsh and domineering man who can be extremely sweet as well. He is sweet to all that’s beautiful and tender (like to the little children) and can be cruel towards those who are not so bright and popular ( street-dogs or children that are severely disabled and can’t defend themselves). He has an exaggerated sense of responsibility and authority and often corrects kids by bullying them. So they hide from him. John likes to act as gateman at the entrance of the premises where he can channel his sense of power in a useful way. At times, during anger explosions, he is difficult to control and the caregivers too can be afraid of him. We all like the social John and discourage the bullying John. At the sheltered workshop, under strict discipline and for limited time stretches, he learns to enjoy work and control his impulsiveness. He is often seen carrying bags and suitcases of new visitors to their guesthouses. During the day John is often called to give a helping hand with the children. Like an old lady he loves gossip. Quietly he will sit in on your conversations to spread whatever small or big news immediately afterwards to others. Early in his life John lived in Osu Children Home in Accra, but because of behavioral problems he later had to be transferred to the mental hospital. This is a dreary place and a clear degradation for these kids, who all know the threat of the ‘mental hospital’ when they live in the Accra orphanage. He has lived in the Hand in Hand community since 1996.