Jerry Ema

Born: 2001 – 2002
Financial adoption: L. Jansen – van der Snoek, Holland.
Little Ema came from the orphanage in Tamale in May 2005. Ema is an active, cheerful and bright little boy who was born in 2001 or 2002. He was left behind at the market of Kintampo and he only possessed a linen bag with two t-shirts and two pairs of trousers. Ema always makes life interesting. He loves attention and immediately flies around the neck of people who show an interest in him, especially at first when he had just arrived at our community. When there are parties he makes sure to sit on the front row. But beware if Ema does not get what he wants! He will start crying and can become very angry; at times a full-fledged tantrum follows. Otherwise Ema can be the sweetest little boy, especially in the pool which is his favorite place. There he plays with the other children, for example by gently pouring some water over them. Ema has got a strong own will. He always chooses the clothes he wants to wear. And he wants to keep these clothes clean. Regularly, you can see him wiping the sand off his clothes in case they got stained. Ema loves to play with Emanuelle, so each morning at the physeo-hour you see him standing beside her wheelchair, waiting for her to show interest in his little basket with colored blocks. When she also is in the mood and Philo does not interrupt thinking that it is her turn, they can play for a long time together, he putting the block on her tabletop and she pushing them right back in the basket at the side of her table.