Sponsors: O’Africa, for Peter we are looking for €50 extra sponsoring per month (or 2x€25)

In October 2023 we welcomed Peter as a new resident of our Community.


Peter is in his early twenties, and comes from Accra.


He was abandoned by his family at an early age and via Osu Children’s Home he was subsequently cared for by an active relief organisation in Accra, called O-Africa.

They have taken care of him for the past 17 years.

Unfortunately, they are unable to continue caring for him in the future.


Peter has special needs: he has a slight intellectual disability besides ADHD, he is autistic, and he suffers from epilepsy.

Peter also has difficulties with speaking.


In Accra they have tried to train him for various jobs (e.g. for working in a hotel and at a tyre repair shop and also for a job as a basket maker), but none of these attempts been were successful.


In September 2023 Peter and some other young adults as well as some employees of O-Africa visited PCC for one-and-a-half day and by then it became very obvious that Peter was quite happy with and enthusiastic about PCC.


He was even well-able to tell us why he would like to come and live in PCC.


It so happened and we wish Peter an excellent future and a good life in PCC.