Christmas lights in PCC

Those who have been to Ghana know how dark the nights can be over here

as they also are in other parts of Ghana, in fact in the whole of Africa. There is little artificial light that disturbs the darkness. And it is not only very dark but also strikingly quiet. Nature has come to a rest.
Have a look up in the sky and you will see – now the wet season is over in Ghana and there are few clouds – the nightly sky in all its glory, with numerous brilliant stars and often a wonderfully glowing moon.
The fields of Ephrata must have looked the same when Jesus Christ was born in a stable in Bethlehem during Christmas Eve over 2,000 years ago. Then there certainly was no disturbing artificial light, only a terrific starry sky and the peace and quiet of the night.
If you have a look around in PCC – Hand in Hand around 8PM during a dark night, you will see something special! You will not only see stars high in the sky, but also oddly enough much lower, close to the earth. How is that possible?
Have a good look and you will see that those twinkling stars so close to the ground are not in the sky, no, they are the sparkling and glittering eyes of the children of PCC, they glow in the dark.
Around 8PM all residents and caregivers go from the Royal Community Hall to the various houses in PCC, to lie down and sleep and have some happy dreams about for instance fufu or – also not bad at all – the coming Christmas celebrations!
The next day it becomes apparent that the twinkling in the children’s eyes is not only visible at night but also in broad daylight! There are not only twinkling eyes to be seen but also smiling faces and boisterous laughter can be heard as well.
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Jesus taught us once (not in the manger at Bethlehem, but later in life):
”Let the children come to me and do not hinder them for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.”
This text suddenly turns everything around, because children should not imitate adults, no, adults ought to become just like they once were during their childhood.
Think of childlike innocence, the spontaneity and openness, the honesty of childlike simplicity, no learned or socially adapted behaviour, but living life to the full just like living life is meant to be like.
The children of PCC have known this for ages. They do not only beam during Christmas, but the whole year long! Many visitors to our Community are therefore pleasantly struck by the laughter, the happiness and pleasure, which seem to radiate from them.
Who would have predicted this looking at the life stories of our residents? To nearly all of our children life’s beginning often was like a long and dark night, until they came home in PCC.
In PCC the star of their life started to shine again and after a while also their eyes lit up again, and now a twinkle has clearly become visible.
The residents of PCC – Hand in Hand wish that the light of the Christmas star, the unique sign of the arrival of our Saviour, will reflect and shine in our eyes too, both during Christmas time and the new year of 2020.
Together we will then form a trail of light in the night  and together with the children of PCC we will speak the old words of hope by the prophet Isaiah:
“The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light.”
A much blessed Christmas!