Born: 1991
Financial adoption: Fam. Müllners (Germany): Elke Menesdorfer (Germany); M. Klomp (Holland)
Boadu was transferred to Hand in Hand in 1996 from the State Mental Hospital in Accra. Boadu has autism and epilepsy. He may also have some brain damage due to long episodes of uncontrolled epileptic seizures prior to receiving proper medication for his epilepsy. He is quiet and rather anxious, preferring to hold the hand of someone he trusts and being quiet than being in the middle of music making or football.  However, given attention, he can achieve things and will build with bricks and join in other activities.  Boadu likes to hold a teddy bear as well as to hold your hand. He usually has a favourite toy of some kind that he carries around with him and only puts down when there is food to eat or it is pool time. Boadu likes to go in the water.

Cynthia and Boadu may be found walking and holding hands together or with Yaw Hillal. It is if they feel safe walking together. If left alone for too long, Boadu will sleep and it is important when working with him to try and engage with him and maintain his interest. When given this kind of special attention it really helps him to be a part of the Hand in Hand Community.