Born: 1991
Financial adoption: Fam. Müllners (Germany): Elke Menesdorfer (Germany); M. Klomp (Holland)
Boadu is deeply autistic and probably brain-damaged from long episodes of uncontrolled epileptic fits before 1996, when he started receiving anticonvulsive medication. He is quiet, anxious and very passive, possibly depressed. He sleeps too much. Every morning Baodu walks around for his exercises and shortly after breakfast he is brought to the autistic hall workshop where he loves the peaceful atmosphere. However, if not interacted with, he will immediately fall asleep. Boadu asks for very little and it is easy to overlook him. When we talk about Boadu in a meeting the first thing we decide is to give him a new toy or a teddy bear to keep him company (he appreciates that) but as soon as he has one he will loose it again. Boadu loves going for a walk. He feels safe when he walks hand in hand with another person. Boadu loves holding hands. Sometimes he sits for hours holding hands with Cynthia who is also autistic and this is a moving sight. Boadu likes to be in the water. He enjoys pouring water over a caregiver with his water-kettle, or gently feeling the water being poured over him. When you get to know Boadu a bit better, he can offer you an affectionate smile and deeply look into your eyes for a considerable time. If left to himself he stands or sits and sleeps. It is important for those working with Boadu to try and engage and connect with him, to watch and see how to share in his world and let him know he is valued.