Born: 1991
Financial adoption:  Fam. Postma, Holland; Stijn van Thielen, Belgium; Willemijn Kemp, Holland.
Ayuba. Dancing, music making, ‘macho-making’, swimming, joking and finally a loving kiss on your forehead. This is….. Ayuba! Ayuba came at the end of 2001 from Osu Children’s home in Accra to the Hand in Hand Community. Nowadays, he is not a cute little boy anymore, but a huge teddy bear. He was probably born at the beginning of the nineties. Ayuba has Down’s syndrome. He is a kind of a “macho” boy who loves to impress people. At the pool he makes one spin-dive after another. Moreover, he likes to dance around the pool and hopes that somebody will watch in admiration. Ayuba loves to entertain his audience. Ayuba is good with drums and singing. He regularly uses empty plastic bottles to play drums in the swimming pool and at times he plays a few songs on the drums of Kofi Asare. Ayuba speaks reasonable English so it is easy to communicate with him or to play games with him, like his favorite game ‘ Which color?’ Ayuba points to any object and asks: which color? After your answer, he points to something else and asks the same question again. This can go on the whole day till…he gets hungry! He is simply great in the art of eating!
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