Born: 1991
Financial adoption:  Fam. Postma, Holland; Willemijn Kemp, Holland. T. Early, UK


Ayuba was taken, together with his brother, to the Children’s home in Accra. He has Down’s syndrome.  In 2001 he was transferred to PCC.

Ayuba has always enjoyed the pool and is having fun in the water. He is  a great drummer and dancer and loves to entertain people. As a young man now he is also taking on responsibilities and can be seen helping with the new craft of wood carving.

Ayuba has some English and enjoys to speak with guests who come to visit PCC.  He knows his colours and likes to play “guess the colour” as a way of entering into a conversation with people in English. He can be very helpful at times with some of the younger children.

Ayuba loves his food (including surplus….!) but thankfully is also a good member of the early morning exercise class to help ensure he keeps fit.

In 2021 his brother came to visit him and this was a VERY important moment for Ayuba who is so pleased to be in touch with his brother.