Born: around 2002
Financial adoption:  Familie Schagen-van Leeuwen


Aisha came to Hand in Hand like so many of our children from the Osu Children’s Home in Accra. This was in August 2010. She had been found roaming the streets around the All Saints Church in Accra and after three months at Osu came to us. She has an intellectual disability and though she does not speak much she seems to understand quite a lot of what is said to her.

Aisha is a friendly child and likes quiet attention. She will take your hand and indicate what it is she wants and does follow what is asked of her, though sometimes it seems to take her quite a while before she takes notice of the request made. There are times when Aisha gets cross and this can be a challenge for her and her caregivers as it can be difficult to know what Aisha is upset about.  However much of the time she is quiet and content.