Born: around 2002
Financial adoption:  van Gorp, Holland.
Since august 2010 Aisha has been a quiet and sometimes even slightly inconspicuous resident of Hand in Hand. Little is known form her history, in fact only that in May 2010 she has been brought by Social Welfare Accra to Osu Children home, because she roamed about on the streets around All Saints Anglican Church in Accra. So she has spent about 3 months in Osu Children’s Home, before coming to PCC. Aisha has an intellectual restriction and hardly speaks, but she understands very well what is said against her. She does not seem listen at first, but nevertheless she frequently will do what she is asked to do. She has a slight tendency to go her own way, but sometimes she might suddenly appear beside you and then grab your hand or arm. Fortunately she is a very sweet girl, she njoys her new and safe environment a lot.